BL-01-Bc22 Contemporary Controls BAScontrol22 Simulator and Intro to BACnet/Sedona Controller Course.

Note: There is also a DIN rail version of this simulator that allows instructors to use their own controllers.

DDC Support Services offers a variety of portable and benchtop CNC engineered low cost benchtop simulators with plexiglass and ABS backplanes that will allow controls instructors to custom design thier own training solutions and use their own controllers, input sensors and output devices.  Please contact us for details.

BL-02-Bc22 Contemporary Controls Simulator.  Other versions of this model include the BL-02-EIO packaged with the Easy IO FG or FX controller,  the BL-02-EG10 packaged with the Tridium Edge10 and the BL-02-DIN with DIN rail (no controller included).