The PT-PLC101 is provided with the CLICK PLC and the C-More HMI display from Automation Direct.

Each PT-PLC101 includes a voucher for a free Online Intro to PLC training course from Automation Direct.

DDC Support Services currently offers 3 controls Simulator / Demo units.  These units do NOT include a complete curriculum.  They are intended for educational use including established HVAC/BAS training programs that have established their own course content or for manufacturer's certification training programs.

Simulator / Demo units do include the following:

  • User Guide (pdf)
  • Wiring schematic (pdf)
  • Manufacturer's support documentation (pdfs)
  • A basic "Startup" station or program

The BL-02-EIO is intended for use by those who are EasyIO CPT certified.  It includes a wall setter that communicate over BACnet MSTP and an Actuator that provides position feedback.

The PT-816 is intended for use by those who are Tridium Niagara 4 certified.  It includes a 16 point IO module and a BACnet MSTP network  thermostat.