PT-181 DDC Portable Training Unit
Building Automation | HVAC Controls | Energy Management | DDC Programming


The PT-181 is a portable training unit specifically designed for the DDC (Direct Digital Controls) industry. It is packaged with curriculum that is both embedded in the Trainer and contained in a written workbook resulting in a highly interactive student – trainer experience. The PT-181 incorporates some of the most popular DDC devices currently in use. The web-enabled DDC controller allows the student to access the Trainer using a standard web browser and JAVA SE®. All of the DDC devices are interfaced with the main controller via hardwired or network connections. BACnet, LON, and Modbus networks are utilized allowing the student to gain exposure to the most popular BAS networks in use. The PT-181s can be operated stand alone or easily networked together for use in a learning center environment. Onboard temperature, CO2, humidity,
and motion sensors are included. Graphical object oriented programming is presented using the Niagara 4 Framework®. The rugged, weatherproof case has built-in rollers and a retractable handle. The case can be permanently mounted to a tabletop using the integral mounting slots.


  • DDC Controller, Web enabled, JACE 8000 series, with permanent BACnet, LON, Modbus licenses
  • 34 point Remote Input/Output module with integral power supply
  • Programmable RTU thermostat with color touchscreen, BACnet MSTP, and web interface
  • Communicating FCU thermostat with analog output and BACnet MSTP interface
  • CO2 / temperature room sensor with setpoint slider
  • Micro VFD with Modbus interface and 3 phase visual output indicators
  • 90 degree stroke Actuator with 2-10 vdc position feedback
  • Status CT, Pilot relay with HOA switch, Thermistor temp probe
  • Instrument panel with Input/Output devices and 24vac posts
  • 5 port Ethernet switch 10/100mpbs


Power Requirements
100w 120vac 60hz
Operating Temperature
55°F to 85°F
Storage Temperature
10°F to 110°F
Relative Humidity
10 to 95% RH non-condensing
3/8” carriage bolts (2) optional
Shipping Weight
44 lbs (not including workbooks)
24”W x 21”H x 10”D (w/cover)

Curriculum Options

Level 1 
Introduction to HVAC & Building Automation Controls


Startup station with pre-configured network drivers and device profiles.

No core curriculum included.